Pure Protein

Let’s get things straight, if you’re looking for that vanilla kinda blend, I’m not the one for you.  When you’re with me, you’re in charge. I’ll bring out your strength, I’ll bring out your stamina… but we’re doing it the right way. No hidden secrets with me. I’m as Pure as my name states, we’ll be a match made in heaven 😃  

Chia Pudding

I’m the kinda blend that you can’t stop thinking about. You’ll never understand how something so damn good could come so easy. I’m rich and exotic and I do it like no way you’ve ever done it before. People will ask about me, and some may even stare… But you won’t wanna share me. 


If you wanna get down and dirty, I’m not the one to call. I’m that good girl kinda blend. I like things clean, I like things simple, and boy am I good for you. I’m the one you’d be happy to take home to meet your Mumma.  

Morning Mojo

I’m that keep-you-coming-back-for-more kinda blend. Full of energy in the mornings, but you can sneak me in any time of day if the mood takes you. I’m a little sweet and full of surprises. 

After a morning with me, there’s no doubt you’ll have had your daily dose of Mojo. 


I’m the angelic, trustworthy, always-there-for-you-when-you-need-me kinda blend. You might forget about me every now and then, and have a little too much fun elsewhere. But you’ll be back, begging me to make things right and rid you of your sins. After a moment of magic with me, everything will be forgotten. 


I’m the kinda blend that will worship and adore you. You wanna feel beautiful, you wanna feel loved, then come and soak up all that I have to offer. I’ll play with your hair, I’ll rub your feet… keep me in your life and I’ll make sure you always feel pampered and cared for, no matter how busy life gets.


I’m that keep-you-on-your-toes kinda blend with benefits. Sometimes sweet, sometimes sharp, ALWAYS unexpected. You’ll find yourself craving me morning, noon and night but it won’t take me long before you’re satisfied. Rip into me, and you’ll be full of energy and smiles all day long. 


Me? Oh I’m trouble. I’m the best-you’ve-ever-had kinda blend. Once you’ve had a taste, there’ll be no going back. I smell like a dream and look a little naughty on the surface; but I’ll leave you glowing and full of bounce. Trust me, you'll want me again and again.