#Fitspo: Week 1

Week 1 - High Intensity Interval Training

Session Details: 6 exercises performed as a circuit, with 45 seconds of work followed by a 15 second rest. Repeat 4 times. 

Session Goal - Gettin' your sexy back for Summer.


The health conscious of us make sure to get our daily intake of fruit and veg, and we normally feel pretty smug about it.

However, if your not buying organic then your fruit and veg may not be as healthy as you think, and may instead be teeming with nasty pesticides and other chemicals.

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The Best of the Best: Bondi's Must-Do Cafe's

No doubt about it, Bondi is a clean-eating paradise. 

We’ve rounded up our top picks from the health hub of Sydney, with the best healthy cafes in Bondi that will satisfy the cleanest of eaters’ and the most enthusiastic of foodies alike.

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Kale: Queen of Greens

Glowing skin, shiny hair, reduced risk of cancer, and almost guaranteed weight loss.

It’s hard to believe that one vegetable can do all this, but Kale – the queen of greens – does all this and more.

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