Kale: Queen of Greens


Glowing skin, shiny hair, reduced risk of cancer, and almost guaranteed weight loss.

It’s hard to believe that one vegetable can do all this, but Kale – the queen of greens – does all this and more.

So sauté it, blend it, eat it in chip form or any other way you please; a Bondi Blender NEEDS kale in their life to achieve optimal nutrition with minimal calories.


Sautéed Kale

Cancer Fighting.

As it turns out, Kale is “one of the best anti-carcinogenic vegetables out there”[1]. This can be attributed to the high concentration of Sulforaphane which has been shown to protect cells from DNA damage and prevent the development of potential cancers. What’s more, is that Sulforaphane also incites “reduction in inflammation…and powerful amplification of our ability to detoxify potentially harmful chemicals [2]. In addition to this, Kale is packed full of antioxidants – which protect against oxidative damage caused by free radicals.

Incorporating sources of antioxidants into our diet to prevent cancer is essential, as oxidative damage has been shown to cause premature skin aging and acts as a leading driver for “many diseases, including cancer” [3].


Did you know that Kale is also a powerful anti-inflammatory? Thanks to the abundance of omega-3 fatty acids and the 45 flavonoids[4] it contains can help to “… fight and alleviate arthritis, autoimmune disorders and asthma…”[5], whilst the flavonoids play an essential role in the reduction of inflammation within the body.

Inflammation not only causes havoc within the immune system, it also can lead to weight gain and causes premature skin aging.

It’s due to the high levels of flavonoids and fatty acids that kale can alleviate inflammatory health conditions and the production of cortisol; reducing stress and anxiety, and allowing for easier weight loss[6].

Nutrition Powerhouse.

Kale packs a nutritious punch, containing pretty much all the vital nutrients and minerals we need for thriving health. Kale has more calcium per gram than milk, whilst a cup of kale contains more vitamin C than an entire orange[7], and it has even been hailed ‘the new beef’ thanks to the superior amount of iron it boasts per calorie[8]. Kale also possesses over 133% of our daily Vitamin K requirements, and over 1000% of our Vitamin A recommended daily intake[9].

Assists in weight-loss.

Dense in nutritional value but low in calories, this leafy green allows you to feel fuller for longer. Thanks to the high fiber, protein and water content with a minimal colonic content, Kale is the perfect low energy density food to help aid weight loss[10].


How to add to Kale to your diet:

By including Kale in your diet you’re on the fast track to optimal health – it’s an easy way to boost the nutritional value of any meal, fill up on minimal calories, and nourish your body thanks to its anti inflammatory properties and large amount of antioxidants.

Easy and delicious ways to enjoy Kale include making Kale chips, adding it into a green smoothie, or by sautéing it with coconut oil and garlic.

Pro Tip: there’s a heap of Kale in our Cleanse Blend!!

Kale is the queen of greens that you need in your diet. Grab some from your local supermarket, or stock up on some of The Bondi Blends superfood mixes to help you look and feel your best.

Kale: Benefits
Michael Chapman