#Fitspo: Week 1

With the weather gods turning it on for us early this year, it’s time to get ready for summer and ramp up your workout… Bondi style.
For your first weekly workout we've got a simple, yet challenging routine that you can smash out on the beach.

Week 1 - High Intensity Interval Training

Session Details: 6 exercises performed as a circuit, with 45 seconds of work followed by a 15 second rest. Repeat 4 times. 

Session Goal - Gettin' your sexy back for Summer.

Warm up

5 minute run, starting at a steady pace and increasing after 2.5 minutes. 

20 high knees, 20 butt kicks, 10 squats, 10 push ups. 

Exercise 1. 

Jump Squats - 

Start in a deep squat position, then push through the heels of your feet into a dynamic jump, trying to get as high of the ground as possible. Return to the starting position. Repeat continuously for 45 seconds.

Exercise 2.

Push Up + Side slip -

Perform 1 push up, then side step your right hand + foot to one side. Perform another push up. Move back to the starting position. Complete another push up and push up. Repeat continuously for 45 seconds.

Exercise 3.

Burpee but shooting your legs out diagonally to the side -

A standard burpee, but with a twist! When you kick your legs out into the push up position, instead of kicking them straight back, you'll kick them off at 45deg to one side, before jumping them back in towards your hands. Repeat the burpee, but this time kick your legs out to the other side. 

Exercise 4. 

Alternating Jump Lunges -

Jump your legs in to a lunge position, making sure your back knee comes as close to the floor as possible. Jump to alternate legs.  

Exercise 5.

Tricep Dips -

Use a step, bench or box if you can. Place hands facing forward behind you and bend your elbows as you lower your body down. Push yourself back up until your elbows are fully extended. Challenge - Raise 1 leg straight up - this will add more body weight for your arms to lift, and will test your balance!

Exercise 6.

Mountain Climbers + Mountain Climber Butt Kicks -

From a pushup position with hands placed on the floor underneath your shoulders, alternate jumping each leg up to your chest and back. Repeat this 4 times, then go straight in to alternate kicking of your heels to your bum - maintaining the pushup position. Repeat this 4 times, then continue to repeat 4 mountain climbers, 4 butt kicks. Continue for 45 seconds.