Chia Pudding

Treat yourself.


Treat yourself to a rich dark-chocolate CHIA PUDDING!

Just add coconut or rice milk for a delicious treat that's full of antioxidants, packed with omega-3 fatty acids, long chain tri-glycerides, and heaps of soluble + insoluble fibre.


Below, learn more about the most delicious CHIA PUDDING ever.


Organic Black Chia Seeds

Particularly high in Omega- 3 fatty acids, proteins, fibre along with calcium and magnesium. Helping to keep bones strong, whilst promoting healthy hair and skin.

Organic Raw Cacao Powder

Righ in antioxidants, helping to fight off diseases and aids detoxification in the body. Cacao is also a natural anti-depressant and packed with magnesium for a healthy heart and brain.

Organic Coconut Sugar

A natural sweetener made from the sap of a coconut palm tree. As it’s a natural sweetner it contains a number of vitamins and minerals not found in refined sugar options.

Organic Dried Goji Berries

Has been proven to promote healthy skin and detoxify the liver. Their high levels of antioxidants also rid toxins from the body promoting overall health.

Organic Cacao Nibs

Rich in magnesium which is key in helping muscle function, also a fibre and iron rich food to help fight fatigue and keep bowel movements regular.

Organic Ground Vanilla Bean Powder

High in potassium, which aids water regulation in the body, whilst helping to balance the bodies electrolytes.