Here at The Bondi Blends we're inspired: inspired by a place the rest of the world envies; Sydney's most famous beach, Bondi Beach.

We believe in being ambassadors for health and fitness and fun.

We believe in eating real food -- you know, the stuff that grows naturally around us, not in test tubes?! Packed full of goodness, our organic superfood blends aim to support those in need of convenient, effective nutrition.

Our muse is the active, fun-loving girl, busy living her dream and radiating positive energy. She's a go-getter, a thinker, a dreamer; she's flirtatious and fun, loyal and loving.

She might be a surfer, a runner, a weight lifter or a yogi… whatever the sport, she owns it.  

Delicious, wholesome products that will have you glowing and at your best.

Our range is designed to provide all-round nutrition for an active lifestyle, using ingredients that will leave you feeling amazing on the inside and glowing on the outside.

The Bondi Blends organic superfoods are real, wholesome and nutrient-dense, and are perfectly blended to make you the fittest, happiest version of yourself. 


Founded by Michael Chapman, Alex Morris and Amy Costello, The Bondi Blends has been fortunate enough to have partnered with a range of talented, passionate, and motivational women who strive to empower women to better health.

We are Australian owned and made, but we’ve recently landed in the UK. We are proud to announce that we are the official nutritional supplement provider for F45 in London.